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NET Co.,Ltd.

(Networking of Engineering and Textile processing)

Main office/3-6-216 Koyodai, Kawanishi, Hyogo,

Japan 666-0115

TEL.072-792-5151 FAX.072-793-1351

Beijing Office/
Golden State Environment Group Corporation /

Executive President Special Assistant/ Jing Xing

15/F Tower A, Xi-Ao Center, No.18

Feng Lin Lv Zhou Datun Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100101 China

Analysis Center/
Kinki Environment Engineering Center, Ltd.
3-13-21 Awaji, Higashiyodogawa-ku, Osaka, Japan 533-0032

TEL.06-6321-2362  FAX.06-6323-5297

Establishment Date
September 20, 1988
10,000,000 YJP

President/Toichiro Koyama

Director (Production)/Kadohei Mugikura

Director (Equipment)/Yukio Iseki

Technical Adviser (Design)/Shinichi Ito

Technical Consultants

Technical Advisor:

Dr. Yang Fenglin, Professor,

Dalian University of Technology
Technical Advisor: Dr. Li Jianhua, Professor, Tongji University
Technical Advisor:

Zhang Yan, Professor,

Beijing University of Technology
Marketing Advisor/ Jing Xing, ChinaWaterNet
Line of Business

1)Production and sale of “Swim-bed BioFringe”

2)Planning, development, production, and sale of various contact

  media made of textile for water treatment system

3)Planning, production, and sale of water treatment systems

4)Development of products combined with water treatment

  technology and textile processing technology

Amagasaki Sinkin Bank Tada Branch,

Resona Bank, Kawanishikita Branch

Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Cooperation, Kawanishi Branch,

MUFG, Itami Branch

Nishihara Environment Co., Ltd.
Enviro Vision Co., Ltd.
Toray Textile Co., Ltd.
Organo Cooperation
Kinki Environment Engineering Center Ltd.
Kurabo Industries Ltd.
Kotobuki Industries Co., Ltd.
Kotobuki Kankyoh Kizai Co., Ltd
Mitsutomo Ltd.
Suido Kiko Kaisha, Ltd.
Takuma Co., Ltd.
Takumisuiki Co., LTD.
Daiki Axis Co., Ltd.
Tohsen Corporations
Drico, Ltd.
Kakoki Plant & Environment Engineering Co., Ltd.
Bio Cell Corporation
Nomura Micro Science Co., Ltd
Panasonic Environmental Systems & Engineering Co., Ltd.
Misuzu Industry Co., Ltd.
Mitsubishi Chemical Engineering Corporation
Mitsubishi Kakoki Kaisha, Ltd.
Mitsubishi Corporation
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
Mitsubishi Rayon Engineering Co., Ltd.
Kobel Co Eco-solutions Co., Ltd.
JFE Engineering Corporation
Eco Wakayama
Kondo FRP Industries CO., Ltd.
Ebara Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd
Azuma Engineering Co., Ltd.
Able Inc.
Kansai PGS Co., Ltd.
Showa Kankyo System K. K.
Dai Nippon Eco Engineering Co., Ltd.
Todoroki Sangyo Co., Ltd.
Hitachi Plant Technologies, Ltd.
Fuji Clean Co., Ltd.
Kosui Co., Ltd.
ITC Green & Water Corp.
Tao Planning Co., Ltd.
Iwasaki Aqua Giken Co., Ltd.
MCP Industries Inc.

Corporate history title

Sep. 1988

Established NET Co., Ltd. with the following aims.

1. Make new types of fiber contact media based on the technologies combined water treatment with textile processing.

2. Make products using a network of existing specialized factories
instead of building a new factory.

Developed “DIA PIPE MIXER” and “DIA P&F” under contract with Mitsubishi Corporation. Developed “Swim-bed BioFringe”.
Apr. 1992
Started selling “Swim-bed BioFringe”.
Jul. 1994
Concluded agency contract with Mitsubishi Corporation.
May. 1998
Started development of “Stick-bed BioFix”.
Sep. 2001
Relocated head office, planned introduction of IT
Jun. 2002
Purchased “Stick-bed BioFix” production equipment.
Oct. 2002
Professor Kenji Furukawa, Dr. of Engineering,
at Kumamoto University engaged as technical consultant.
May. 2003
Started operation of Incubation Development Center.
Jun. 2004
Founded FK Environment Innovation as a subsidiary.
Oct. 2005
Opened Dalian Office in China.
Aug. 2006
Closed FK Environment Innovation Osaka Office.
Oct. 2006
Started producing “Stick-bed BioFix”.
Aug. 2007
Made a full-scale entry into the water treatment market in China
Sep. 2007
Awarded Innovative Management Plan from Hyogo Prefecture.
Apr. 2008
Developed recycle nitrification/denitrification technology.
Started promoting BF for sewerage plants in China.
Study on Biofringe started by major Japanese plant builder for application to sewerage system.
Jul. 2008
Contracted Dr. Yang Fenglin of Dalian University of Technology and Dr. Li Jianhua of Tongji University as NET technical consultants.
Jul. 2010
Professor Yang at Dalian University of Technology assumed the position of external executive.
Mar. 2011

Professor Furukawa (Kumamoto University) retires.
Consultant agreement with Professor Furukawa  (Kumamoto University) terminated.

Jun. 2011

Dalian Office renewal.
Full-scale business operation begins.

Feb. 2012

Closed Dalian Office in China

May 2012

Started collaboration with Guangzhou Water Investment Group Co., Ltd.
in China
Established Beijing Office.

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