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Swim-bed Biofringe is a highly effective versatile contact material that keeps a high volume of bacteria internally and externally, and never releases bacteria all at once. Furthermore, this material is made of a special textile and can maintain a food chain, therefore sludge yield is dramatically reduced


The good points of Swim-bed Biofringe title

  ●Increases capacity two to five times. Less space.
  No need for additional space.
  ●Reduces sludge yield to one-fifth to one-tenth.
  No sludge dewatering is needed.
  ●No need for coagulation pretreatment even for high
  concentrations of oil and suspended solids because of
  the longer sludge retention time (SRT)
  ●A BF system operates at Mixed liquor suspended solids
  (MLSS) of 20,000 mg/l or more, and the system capacity
  can be increased even when Biofringe is partially installed,
  since the size of sludge peeled off from BF is larger than
  that achieved with a normal system.
  ●Possible to process within a short period of time
  ●Fast nitrification and denitrification.
  ●Possible to nitrify with organic matter.
  ●A BF system can operate for a long period of time
  (over 15 years) with low maintenance.
  So Q.C.P(Quality and Cost Performance is extremely hih.

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