BF Examples title

●Tokai-Pulp & Paper Co., Ltd.

tokai1 tokai2
Panoramic view of the company
Wastewater Treatment Facility
 ●Wastewater load: 90,000m3/day  
SS removal process not required
 ●Release into water
(No water quality-related problems for past 10 years)
No complaints from residents living in the areas
 ●Extremely good reputation for
easy maintenance

●Panasonic Corporation

 Kitchen wastewater, Transient processing, Maintenance free

●Asahi Foods Co., Ltd.


 Bean curd wastewater, Capability after BF filling × 3, Sludge utilization

●Poultry Processing Tank

Before poultry BF filling

After poultry BF filling


 N-hex 500mg/l produces a large amount of scum on the top
 Resolution by addition of BF, Poultry slaughter wastewater (SBR type)

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