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1.MBR Hybridization→ Significant improvement
  in running costs & water quality

Adding BF to MBR aeration tank increases biological floc by developing granular sludge, which reduces clogging on the membrane surface and expands membrane life approximately six times.


2.Deep aeration process→ Improvement of space
    saving and efficiency

Discharge of 100,000m3/day, an aeration tank with 13m depth requires the tank capacity as shown below.
    Deep aeration process
 Space saving = HRT 1/4×Water depth effect
  1/3 = 1/12


3.Newest Water

  Newest Water


4.Aerobic granule super-high level MLSS

BF has the ability to generate aerobic granules, which allows a super-high level of MLSS operation at 30,000mg/L (target)

 Aerobic granule super-high level MLSS technology

      The chart above shows the relation among BOD material volume load,
      MLSS and SVI

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